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Transporting patients across the USA

After turning down countless requests to transport people across state lines, MMT finally made the leap into cross country patient transport in 2001. Contrary to some of the companies you will find on the internet, that decision involved more than hanging a sign on the door that said, “Now Transporting Long Distance”. It meant a huge investment in vehicle liability insurance which had to be rewritten to include commercial coverage in all states, and for an unlimited radius. It meant that our vehicles would need to be redesigned and built to accommodate patients for long distance medical travel. This included oxygen concentrators instead of the oxygen tanks that were used on local transports. It also meant that we now needed a power source on board to plug in equipment and electronic devices. TV’s, DVD’s and Satellite radios were added as were many other items to help make a patients journey the most comfortable that it could be. Training and the criteria we used to recruit new employees had to change to accommodate the demands of long distance driving, not just impeccable patient care skills. As we celebrate our 15th year in service, we have seen an unbelievable influx of services on the internet claiming to provide cross country transportation. Do your homework. Ask questions.

1. How long have they been in business?
2. What’s their safety record?
3. What type of vehicle insurance are they carrying. (Most reputable insurance underwriters won’t even write a policy for a company who is new to the industry)
4. Where is their office? Are they running out of their home?
5. How old is their equipment? Are the stretchers forward facing or are patients supposed to ride across country looking out the back window?
6. What’s their payment/cancellation policy?
7. What is the training of the personnel on board?

And anything else that you happen to think might be important. There aren’t any bad questions….ask!

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