Long Distance Medical Transportation - MMT America


Just one phone number will get you a price quote, allow you to ask questions about the service and book the trip. No transfers to various departments. No transportation brokers or subcontracted services to go through.


You’ll be able to present your patient with an affordable option for long distance non-emergency travel within minutes of calling us.


You’ll feel confident in suggesting our services knowing that we use personnel with patient care backgrounds who receive continuous training.


An impeccable driving record is a great source of pride for us. In addition to our driving record, we are extremely proud of our safety record in handling patients. This is achieved by using skilled and experienced personnel instead of the industry standard which requires no patient care background or training among non-emergency transport providers.


Beautiful, state of the art vehicles designed with patient comfort in mind. The latest technology in safe and sturdy Ferno stretchers. When building our vans, we add extra suspension, using technology found in luxury vehicles to improve the ride.

Rates & Reservations

For more information, rates & reservations call nationwide toll free 1-888-MMT-4911

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